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A true artist

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Salvador Dali

The | Smiths

Commercial and Editorial Photographers

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We shoot life. The way it should be.
We are Travis and Jean and currently reside in Michigan…well, at least most of the time. We travel. A lot. We love to experience the world, and that experience plays into our work. With each adventure, we see things a little differently. We’re not the same people this year as we were last. And that’s OK. Because growth is born from change.

I am not
I am just not
Salvador Dali

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We have a unique

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Regardless of the size of your production we’re poised to nail it.
We can provide a single photographer or a full team to help you realize the vision of your project. Our services can include everything from the initial concept development to the final edit, or we can fill just one piece of the puzzle. We have a team of world class photographers, photo and video editors, producers, and directors.

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